The Brazosland Pistoleros are members of the Texas South Section of United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), Region 4. The Brazosland Pistoleros hold matches on the fourth Sunday of each month.


Brazos Valley Law Enforcement - Practical Shooting Championship

Sponsored by: The Brazosland Pistoleros & the Gunsmoke Shooting Range


A practical shooting match that will test each officers marksmanship ability to engage multiple targets with their duty weapons in a hypothetical law enforcement encounter.  Targets will be paper and falling/moving steel shooting targets arranged on three courses of fire and presented in scenarios relevant to the shooting challenges an officer may face; the officer must then use their own tactics and skills to solve the shooting challenge presented.

Each course of fire will involve the use of one or two weapons (i.e. rifle/pistol, pistol/shotgun) and will be scored using established USPSA scoring software and methods.

This event will be very similar to the NRA’s Tactical Police Competition’s (TPC) held around the country.

My goal is to provide a challenging shooting experience that will: A.) Be a practical and enjoyable marksmanship exercise that that will entice officers to develop their shooting proficiency outside of normal department classification courses of fire. B.) Introduce officers to shooting challenges that will reveal shortcomings in their personal skills and motivate them to train to address those deficiencies.

Timing and Awards:

Shooting of the courses of fire will be conducted at the Gunsmoke shooting range on a Monday when the facility is closed to the general public. Stages will be available for all officers to shoot from 9:30 AM until 4:30 PM on the designated date to allow maximum participation of all officers from all shifts.

Match will be held twice a year and an annual Championship Trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring department based on combined scores of a minimum number of shooters at both events. Additional awards may also be presented to the high overall officer as well as to the high overall Patrol and Tactical officer.

Match dates: Monday, June 4th & Monday, November 5, 2012.


The match will be open to active and reserve officers of all local, federal or state law enforcement agencies in Brazos County or adjoining counties.


The Championship Match will be prepared and conducted by experienced Range Officers who are members of The Brazosland Pistoleros (USPSA ST-04, ), and volunteers from other professional training organizations.  This Championship Match is viewed by the Pistolero membership as a way to return a service to our community law enforcement organizations, to promote the shooting sports in general and action shooting in particular. A match fee of  $20 will be charged for each shooter to cover the expense of consumable targets and stage props.


The Championship Match will be covered by the operational liability insurance coverage retained by The Brazosland Pistoleros through NRA/Lockton Affinity. Range safety will be strictly enforced according to USPSA safety rules and those of the NRA-LEAD (Law Enforcement Training ).


The following businesses and organizations are contributing material support and/or prizes for the match and its competitors.

- Academy Sports and Outdoors, College station

- LaRue Tactical

- KR Training (.com)

- The Great Texas Gun Company, Bryan, Tx

- Gunsmoke Shooting Range

- Michael Kellet,

- USPSA Texas South Section

- Practical Shooting Concepts (.com)

- Horus Vision (.com)


With questions, please contact the Pistoleros club President and Match Director for the BVLE-PSC, Kevin Jimmerson at (979) 220-5555 or [email protected]